Upcoming Events

Hello again!

We’re pleased to announce that the events page is up and running. Right now it has two of the most important events of the year, so it’s definitely worth a look, and we hope to be adding more soon. As with “The List,” we are more than happy to have your input, so if you have or know of an event that’s coming up (or if you have suggestions for how to make the page more user-friendly once events start piling up) please let us know.  Again, please send all correspondence to pacwainfo@gmail.com

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Welcome to PACWA’s new home!

This site is intended to provide information on hydraulic fracturing and other threats to our  environment in PA and the rest of the US. Parts of this site are still in the works but we hope to have everything up and running soon. In the meantime, please check out the List of the Harmed, which could also be known as Engelder’s Sacrifices. Compiled by dedicated members of PACWA, this list details all the (known) individuals to date who have been harmed by the fracking industry and, sadly, the list  keeps on growing. Please use this list to let the uninformed know that this unsafe and unproven process must cease. Let us know if you have additions or corrections.

Thanks for visiting, and please keep checking back for updates and news!