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  2. There is no need for fracking for our energy needs. Check out the work of Dr. Mark Jacobson of Stanford University and Dr. Mark Delucchi of the University of California at Davis. Their research has concluded that we can supply the energy needs of the planet without fossil fuel or nuclear power by 2030. Their studies are located in the November 2009 issue of Scientific American, the March 2011 issue of Energy Policy and the February 2013 issue of Energy Policy. There is a story about their work in the March 2013 issue of Renewable Energy “What would renewable energy look like in New York State?” Fracking is too dangerous, too expensive and totally unnecessary for our energy needs. “What is lacking is the political will” according to Jacobson and Delucchi.

    • Thank you! I am compiling a list of research papers for my high school Environmental Science students and this is very helpful. 🙂

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